Oh dear ...

went to bar at lunch time, vvvv dangerous. Its my fault I asked Elaine to come with me, oh dear...really don't think i should write my essay...opps.


Hello, life hasn't been suitably exciting to write about.

Got a job, happy with boyfriend and house mates (touch wood) had an infected leg, and its my birthday tomorrow.

And I am in the throws of one those essays that takes ages to write.

Hpoe you are all well, Becca xxx


life is flowing along nicely thank you, 'rents up at the weekend, so a free meal minus washing up I hope. Ergh apart from that nothing interesting going on, pub tonight which should be fun.

Tummy hurts from akidio and walking up a great big fuck off hill to college each day. Its either taxis or lower attendance I feel...taxis I am not that clever...


Hello there...

Guess who is back at uni and can be arsed to post? No i don't know either!

Well its been a summer of working so thats been fun but now I can relax at uni...with the job, house, work, mortage kids....only joshing...just the 1st 3.

Jsut a quick drink this week turned in 2 a piss up but when we organised to get slaughtered I rejected this and stayed sober ummmmm.Anyway its naughty to spend money.

Well nowyou've got over the shock of my reapperance I leave you again, see ya xxx


Hi ya! I've been sooooooo ill this week, stacks of white stuff down my throat and I couldn't swallow. Nightmare. Went to EMERGENCY doctor's (serious heh?) and got some penicillin and am now a hundred times better!!!

A week before that I saw Mark, (current one) which was nice and all things going well I should be going to Torquay with him YAY!!!!

Hope you are well, later (probably much later!)xxx


I am sooo tired. I am a student i shouldn't be working like this. Book shop and pub, and then in August I start a new full time job in Yates. Im going be cream crackered.

But mark is coming coming to visit soon, i hope, teehee!!!

Take care, later xxx

ummm ponder.

one of my bestest friends is no longer in this country, take care and have fun lots and lots of *hugs* and kisses xxx.

Apart from that working ass off, wen to see Mark over weekend, and now have various thing in the pipeline.

later xxx

Ok, so I am back....

its been a week and I've worked my ass off here.
Many nights and days in the pub and a constant outlook for more hours in other jobs.

managed to see all my friends that are back, and will soon have a full compliment.

i miss Mark (as in the current one), and the ex mark hates my guts I am sure of it.

But I am fine and i hope you are all well too.

Webley i'll see you soon, hahahahah. later xxx

Ps. the ball was fun, but didn't get plastered que for bar toooooo long, tsk!


This is my last full day at uni before the summer. Bizarre, absoultly hated it at first, but then I got some really good friends and in the past few weeks met a really sweet bloke,(called Mark, yep no.4!). So leaving is going to be strange, thought I'd be really pleased to leave but you know its ok now and I almost look forward to next year!

Tonight is the ball, and then tomorrow its home with Daddy and Charlotte (sister), they are coming at 12noon, ummm better be awake and moderatly with it!

Later xxx Have fun ;0)

off to town...

mainly shopping, but should we stumble in to a pub...I will obviously drink coke!?!? Maybe not eh?

Later xxx

Oh finished the exams, ummmm :0)